Top Underrated YouTube Niches for Explosive Views & Subscriber Growth

Top Underrated YouTube Niches for Explosive Views & Subscriber Growth

I recently did an amazing room inside the audio-only app called clubhouse, where I talked about niches and categories of content, that will be excellent for you if you’re starting over if you’re pivoting your YouTube channel, or you’re starting a brand new YouTube channel.

I think the tips and insights are not something I’ve seen on other YouTube videos on this channel or just YouTube videos about this content.

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about how to get more YouTube views with these new niches, three different specific niches that get views and help you grow YouTube subscribers and grow an audience specifically, and they’re not, I wouldn’t say that they’re underutilized. I think a lot of times when people think about starting a channel or pivoting their channel, they really don’t consider these other areas that are that allow you to grow really fast. And whatever you’re doing now, like whatever you’re doing now, these this is faster. And I almost can guarantee it’s faster because I studied these sorts of stuff like that. So I study this area. So here are the three platforms. And after I tell you the three ways the last way is actually there’s a way to use vid IQ, new VPI which VPH which is views per hour feature to get you to that last one.

The first Niche is a channel that uses no language.

So you know when you do YouTube for example I speak English or other people speak Spanish or other people speak different languages around the world. YouTube is a global you know, a platform it’s used by people all over the world. They have creators that speak all different languages and they have viewers and audiences of all languages across the world viewing YouTube videos it’s a global platform.

Normally when you collect your you start your YouTube channel, you’re going to speak whatever native language that’s native to you and that means the people who you’re speaking to usually what happens don’t understand that. Yes, YouTube has tools for you can translate a video or you can put captions in your native language but we all know that it’s that process is not as fluid and especially if you’re doing an instructional sometimes people want to hear or learn or if it’s a job channel here, you know, hear it in their own language. So there’s a barrier there- a language barrier.

So you speak a language your audience to your language, however, you can grow a new channel or pivot your existing channel or are you starting over on YouTube if you select a niche where there is no language whatsoever. Now, what are examples of no language or voiceless channels meaning like, either there’s no language or there’s no speak person speaking words like there may be music, but there’s not using Hi, I’m JJ Welcome to my I’ll get about such and such

However, if you were to do a channel where’s voiceless or no language, meaning like, there’s just sound, you have more opportunities there? Why do you have more opportunities? Because instead of you just targeting the US audience, which is a highly saturated market, because everyone in the world targets US audiences, even people who are not English, native English speakers who are outside.

A lot of times their videos, they make their videos for American audiences and they’re gonna make more money if they were partnered by YouTube because YouTube pays more money for an American audience. So if you have an ad and you have an English language, so they’re going to pick your CPM is going to be higher. You’ll make more money from ads targeting American audiences. So that’s why a lot of times people want to target the American or European or, you know those languages and you know, American audiences just lucrative. So that’s why people do it.

So you have not only you’re not only competing with your fellow Americans, and English speakers, so in Canada, for example, in some parts of the Caribbean that speak English as their native language, first, you’re, you’re competing with all these people. And then you’re also competing with other parts of the world that also target Americans. But if you can make your channel in terms of review, right now, you’re not talking about for Ad money, you just want to get views.

If you can target, you create a voiceless channel that has, no words, you automatically open up your opportunity to get views from people who can benefit from your channel who are not English speakers. So it’s like a no brainer. So examples, what are examples of voiceless channels, they get millions of views from people because India, the Indian population, India is so big, the eastern hemisphere like I say, like maybe 1/4 of the world’s populations are in the Western Hemisphere, the western part of the world, you don’t go to .

The Western world, we’re just a blip on the screen in terms of this globe, that’s called Earth majority people are in Asia, and India, in China, in, you know, countries, some countries in Africa, there’s a lot of people there, they have the internet, they have YouTube, they watch YouTube, but people don’t target them.

So if you were to do your channel, and you did like, for example, a sound guiding channel, I know someone started sound guard channel, she blew up instantly Because all over the world, especially if you practice, Eastern religion, like Buddhism, more of you are into Islam, or just language, you know, religions that music and sound is part of their meditation because they’re meditating. And even a night says yoga is big, a lot of people meditate. So all around the world, anyone who uses sound, to meditate to help focus and things like that, she was able to blow up because everyone can benefit from everyone knows what that is. It’s a sound channel.

So that’s one example of the channel, those Lo Fi channels blew up Lo Fi girl is the biggest example. And 2020 people were stuck at home, folks will just she just played her. I know it’s been bought out by an entity now. But when the person first created that channel, all she did was Livestream, some Lo Fi music And it’s just blown up and over a year because the benefits everyone all over the world.

So all sound-related channels, sound gardens, all those things don’t do well. And there’s not just about sounds. Also, if you do a cooking channel, you don’t have to be saying this is the ingredient I’m Today I’m cooking such as such, you can just actually have a camera overhead. So you can have a cooking channel where you have the camera overhead, and you’re just showing how to make the ingredients and you put up you know if it’s, it’s your mainland English and maybe to English with a big language, and then the second language, hyphen and whatever the language is, but people could see what it is. This is raspberries, it might be called raspberries another language. And it will show me a bowl. I know that’s raspberries, we might call it something else in our language, but it’s a bowl raspberry. And then you’re showing me prepared this display, you’re not talking at all, there’s music in the background, there’s a gradient, I can benefit and watch your channel and subscribe to that channel, you’re going to get more viewers because it benefits people who do not speak your native language.

So that’s one of the third and final examples I have of this is DIY channels. When you’re showing someone how to do something you don’t necessarily need to say Alright, today we’re going to make the ceramic mug and we’re going to put the design on the ceramic mug. Here’s the mug. Here’s the thing, I’m just saying stuff, they can see it they can see that’s a mug they can see that’s the applicate whatever that is, they can see this as the core, glue core, and people can see your you know, and if not, you can put in description box what it is and they can use Google Translate to figure out the language but that is what you’re doing but for the most part DIY channels when you’re showing someone how to do something, how to reupholster a chair.

Like I watched how to reupholster a desk from a french speaker. Like the whole thing. Like they didn’t speak English but didn’t matter because they just said here’s a desk. Here’s a sandpaper, this has been sanding it down. That’s step one, step two, they like they showed me get this okay, I know what that isn’t home depot he does. I need to speak English to know what that is. I mean, speak French to know what that is. Go get that from Home Depot didn’t get this, these are three things I’m using this is after I do I put this glue down and then I put this down. And then I here’s my cloth and wipe it down. And look here’s the final results without them having to talk at all. They’re just showing me how to do it. So DIY channels is the third type of voiceless, no language channels, that if you were thinking about pivoting or you were thinking about change taking your channel even you have an existing channel, maybe consider doing one video that’s voiceless or language list that just has sound.

And then I’m there also soundless there’s lifestyle if you’re in a lifestyle niche considered this as well. There’s lifestyle channels that are no voice no sound, like essentially a day in my life. They do not speak. They videotape themselves getting up they get dressed, they go through their day, they go grocery shopping, they go to the store, they go get some coffee, and they don’t speak now once there’s just music, so it doesn’t matter what language it is I don’t, I can follow that person, watch that video and be satisfied the video without them having to speak once. So that’s the first type of channel that you can do. That’s a niche that grows subs that grow views tremendously because you’re not relying on the highly saturated American English speaking world. The audience that gets a lot of competition for their attention.

The second Niche that I’m sharing today is the foreign language.

Now, we have LELO, who sometimes come through the room and he has grown and I’m using him as an example. LELO has about 420,000 or so subscribers on his YouTube channel, he was able to grow pretty quickly. I think it took him like a couple of years, he moved to the United States two years ago, three years ago. And so his whole channel was based on me coming to the United States and my life-changing from a man, you know, coming to America, essentially.

So it’s coming to American channel, but he’s speaking to people in Spanish speaking countries that are on in America and want to know, what is it like to come to America for the first time? And what is it so he’s like, I’m going to the gym in America for the first time? I’m here I am grocery shopping in America. So all those people are curious, but he’s speaking to them, he’s speaking to us. And he could really, really super fast because, and he said This is that. And I know people who are on target Brazilians to say, and other countries, they do have craters that speak but it’s less this identity popular, it’s less competition. So everyone speaks English. And everyone’s like speaking English to talk in English, we have a lot of competition for the English language, fellow YouTubers creating content, but because he’s creating content for Spanish speaking audiences, there are not as many channels as just Spanish speaking, that’s doing that specific niche. And there’s not a lot of them, but it but it’s a high, high searched audience, a higher search topic. So people actually want to know what it’s like to live in America, from other countries. So that’s why people say, you know, immigrating from from Nigeria to United States is what you need to do. Here’s the visas you need to do his application. Here’s what you need to do in order to get a green card or which is called permanent, permanent residence.

Here’s what you’re going to encounter. Here’s the lottery process, all the various other things for people over there. There’s lots of people in Nigeria, would like to come to America, not everyone, but some people are people in the African nations who want to come to United States. And so someone who did that channel did well, because the highest the highest search topic. So anyway, so that’s another thing if you can do a foreign language, or if you speak a foreign language, and you’re considering doing a foreign language version of your English language channel, that’s another opportunity for you to target market because again, there’s a lot of competition for English speaking American audience eyeballs, which does get a lot of money for ad spend. But in terms of reviews, if you’re looking at views and subs, because a lot of opportunities for people who are not English, native English speakers, who are willing and looking for channels that speak their language that’s talking to them, their nose, nose, or pain points, or expressing their issues.

The third one is where I think you vid IQ can really help you if how to channels and we already know that how to channels do well. And the reason why I have a T channel if you haven’t considered a how to channel for for your own niche, or for a new niche or for new channel three’s one how tos are great. And this sole reason right here. When you first start out, everyone starts out your go to be before you to configure you out. Because we all say that YouTube is a search engine, we all know that it’s a search engine. So the what do you know about the search engine of machines is they need data, they need information in order to work, you can’t you can’t just start a YouTube channel and the machine just knows where to put your account you have to create content and you have to create content and consistent basis and then you have to put you know the eyes are sophisticated enough that they can read what’s going on your channel you know YouTube now has machine learning it has YouTube Google lens and YouTube lens actually can can rethink can see this is a finger this is a female silhouette. This is a tree you know there’s a nature channel because a lot of trees a lot of browns. The machines are sophisticated. However, it doesn’t hurt to help the machines out with SEO and the machine is going to take a while to figure you out while the machine is taking them while to figure out a lot of new channels you have to do SEO I know it’s a dirty word.

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The third Niche that I’m sharing today starting a how-to channel

Sometimes people want to just say let you to do its thing. Yes, you too can do his thing but when you’re first starting out your opportunity to actually help it out but optimizing and this is where how-to channels which is the third way that you can grow really fast subs views is you consider starting a how-to channel because how to channels that’s the queen of Queen and King of search because people are always searching what how to fill in the blank. How to chop down the tree, how to relate the pears fairies, I had to research that recently for my daughter. She had some Sperry shoes and the laces were messed up and out of reach. Listen, you guys even know about Sperry shoes. It’s really complicated. It’s like boat shoes, you guys know boat shoes, and they have like the lace going around the trim. It’s kind of like, how the hell do you relate that that’s really hard. So I had a Google, I go to YouTube, because, you know, YouTube is the place was gonna show me, how do I relate?

There were only three channels, three videos just showed up and kept showing up enough that the channels that showed up, they weren’t necessarily didn’t necessarily have a lot of subs. But those views on that video. Oh, yeah. Because you know what, every year people have its own video every year, people have to be laced, they’re both truths. Every year, they’re gonna run to YouTube and type in how to relate sport shoes. And every year, that video is going to be getting views all year round, 365 days, somebody is going to have the conundrum of relating to both shoes, someone’s going to have the conundrum.

How do I turn the mulch into? You know, how do I turn the yard clippings? And too much someone’s gonna be searching that someone’s gonna be searching? How do I rewire this lamp? Someone’s gonna be searching? How do I fix something. So people always searching in the first place, a lot of people go to his YouTube. So that is why how to if you haven’t think a lot about it yet, is a great third way of getting creating a channel or creating videos, that’s going to get you a lot of views and things and because you can capture that, that search traffic and you know, we always talk about the ideal ideal is for you to get on the Browse feature or to get on recommend it that’s when YouTube itself identifies the audience member who are more likely to resonate with your content, your video, and it places in front of them inside browse inside the home. And size recommended it puts your video in front of the person that’s most likely to watch it that’s that’s that’s ideal.

Everyone wants that h owever, you get to that point, the How to and you can control it. Because when you optimize your video, to have those words, how to relate both shoes on it, you best believe it’s going to show up for me it’s going to show up in the algorithm. And not just that when the eyeballs. I mean, what is one thing to go through the machine right, which is YouTube as a machine isn’t one thing. It’s another thing to reach out to the human eye. I’m a human person I don’t I’m not a machine.

I read words. So when I typed in how to reboot relates both shoes, and your video has the title, how to quickly and easy the easiest way to replace both shoes. I’m like that I’m with that what is that click, I’m clicking my eyeballs saw the words whether it was on your thumbnail, or whether it’s on your title, where there’s your description, I the human saw that and I clicked it because I needed that and I’m one of millions of people and urine and year out that’s gonna want that information in your video that has those titles in it. It’s gonna entice me.

So how-tos is the best way and this is how you use vid IQ new feature views per hour to capture that how to create a how to video for your existing channel, or do you want to create a new channel? So with vid IQ views per hours, essentially, it’s telling you it’s giving you information on what’s trending right now. You go to any channel, on your channel, as well as you have that IQ extension installed in your browser the time or any channel on the platform any any channel in your niche.

You type in the topic that you want to do next video, what are you taught typing the topic that most of your videos are on, what’s going to happen is videos are going to populate, including those videos. The search results of those videos are some of the most popular ones that get a lot of reach. When you click when you see the ones that get a lot of reach. Click the channel so you’re going to see the video you can click the video is going to give you information the next step I would say then go out and click the the actual channel. What’s going to happen when you click that channel, you’ll be able to see is this channel on my topic is this someone in my niche as well. And then at that point, with using the vid IQ views per our new tool, you will be able to see everything with video, you type hit Videos tab in their YouTube channel, you’ll be able to see every single video that that person has already released. And with the vid IQ views per hour function tool in play, you can see which of their videos is actually right now currently getting used per hour. Sometimes you’ll see Wait a minute.

This channel has like I was mentioning yesterday in Vipers Twitter space, there has been channels that you look up to emulate your admire them. But when you look at their videos, if with vid IQ is installed, you’ll see that some of their videos that old ones they’re not getting any views at all that means is that the video content is old and stale. That the topic is outdated is not trending, they’re not showing up top of search anymore. They’re not being recommended because perhaps that person doesn’t update their videos regularly.

They’re not consistent on their channel as much anymore. And so when you’re not consistent, YouTube’s not recommending your channel your videos when you don’t upload regularly they’re not recommended and if your topic is oh, they’re not recommended so even though that person might have a million subscribers they’re not getting views because they don’t have it so what the opportunity is for you is find out which videos on the channel is actually in which you’re going to find out but this what I almost bet you there how to videos are still trending. Why is because again like I said that’s One thing that’s going to constantly be searched how to, if that person has any

How to videos on their channel, I almost can almost guarantee that they’re going to be having views per hour for that video. And the fact that that person isn’t updating their video, they’ve abandoned the platform, they’re no longer active YouTuber, that’s a door opener for you to go update that video and say, I’m gonna do a version of that, because people are still searching. And that’s a how to, and I’m doing this actively, and I’m a consistent YouTuber now. And I’m actively so I’m going to go in and step in and and serve a need for all those people look for the answer. And what I’m going to do is, if I were you is I was put the 2022, because you know what 2023, you can delete the word 2023 from your title, and it’s still relevant.


So I wouldn’t put 2020 And you could also change your thumbnails. So it was 2022. And you put that in your title, you put down your thumbnail, and you put that your title and your description, once 2023 hits, you can just remove the word 2022, replace it with 2023 replace the thumbnails switch of the thing, and voila, it’s updated again. So but for now, I would still March early 2022 I would do that. So what’s gonna happen is while that how to was trending, and then I can tell you that’s a trending topic, you can hop on that trend. And that’s how you can get more subs and potentially more views, more views. And in particular, more subs. Using the vid IQ, there’s hours and using that as a as a as an as a strategy.

Again, none of these things work without strategy. No one grows on YouTube, by just luck. Some people do some people luck out, get like great shorts to blows up and then they blow up and then boom. But then after they blow up, they have to keep consistently playing, keep keep it up and satisfy these new subscribers that they got after they blew up. Most people that doesn’t happen to that’s a fluke. And that’s great for them. But most people grow with the strategy and now yeah, so that’s, that’s what I was going to share with you is that, you know, those you have a strategy of how you’re growing your channel. And then also looking, studying what what there’s a hole in the market where people there’s not someone search, there’s a hole where people are searching, and they’re looking for something. And the most updated content on there is 123 years old. That’s like a no brainer, especially if you’re active, especially if you’re consistent, especially if you’re looking for opportunities to go in and fill that void to fill that hole to fill that search on market that’s looking for more up to date monitors every there’s nothing that’s um, that’s that’s still that’s, that’s consistently the same year in year out, you know, there’s some things like there’s a woman who did a video on how to cornrow how to do a basic hormone.

Like,you know, that’s, you know, it was a really great video, she did it 10 years ago, when I type in how to cornrow for video comes up when I watched it, it’s good. You know, it’s just like basic, you know, this is how to do a basic courtroom. So yeah, there are some things that survived the test of time. But there are a lot of things in YouTube platform that actually can be updated even if it’s a small update. Even if it’s a minor update, go ahead and do it minor update, make it 2022 and replicate that video in ride the tide of someone’s search.

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