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Angel Investor Bootcamp for Women Offer Scholarship to Latina and Black Women

A new angel investment groups aims to get more black and Latinas to become angel investors on the hope and goal that they will likely also invest in black and Latina founded startups and other entrepreneurial ventures.

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An Indian-American Doc on What ‘Multicultural’ Really Means

Rarely do we see perspectives from Indian-American immigrants on their take about multiculturalism and duality in America but here we have it from author Simi Rao in this introspective guest post.

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The Google+ ‘Collections’ Is Google’s Version of Pinterest

Google Plus has released its answer to Pinterest with its new Collections platform that lets users collect images, video and articles on certain topics.

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Bloggers: This is The One Thing You Need to Do to Drive Traffic to Your Blog


If you want to drive traffic to your blog, which is key to blog brand exposure, increased ad revenue and extending your reach to maximum audiences,  one way to do it is by posting multiple times a day.

In this new podcast, I share why you need to do it and how to accomplish it if you have little time.

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urbna legend

15 Life Lessons From an Urban Legend You Should Follow

Regina Brett

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Sign Up for This 3-Day FREE Virtual Conference Featuring 30 Female Biz Powerhouses


Attention womenpreneurs: #Collaborich Conference  is coming!

Collaborich a virtual summit to take place this September 30 to October 2  that will assemble 30 female online business powerhouses for FREE!

The women success stories “will share their most candid, real and raw business success tips to help women worldwide create a business that not only survives, but thrives,” according to the conference website.

Topics include:

  • cranking up your marketing funnels for massive success;
  • how to brand yourself as a highly paid expert;
  • budgeting while bootstrapping;
  • capitalizing off social media’s newest platforms,
  • the secrets (and mistakes) to authentic marketing online;
  • delegating like boss so you can focus on being a true leader and much more.

Industry stars presenting include

  • host Stephanie Nickolich, aka ‘The Millionista Mentor’;
  • Soul Purpose expert and two-time international best-selling author Jennifer Longmore;
  • creator of Authentic Selling™ and top sales expert Kendrick Shope;
  • author, business coach and motivational speaker Kelly Lynn Adams;
  • success strategist and money mentor Adrienne Dorison;
  • branding and marketing coach Fabiola Giordani; and
  • persuasion strategist Bushra Azhar, just to name a few.

Replays for those who cannot attend the FREE event will be available for $97  (if purchased in advance).

“The #Collaborich Conference was born out of the need for collaboration amongst women in business,” says organizer and conference host Stephanie Nickolich. “I’ve used this philosophy from day one to build a very successful empire and I strongly believe collaboration vs. competition is what sets the stage for success. Just envision a business that allows you to be yourself and focus on your greatest strengths, while creating a community amongst other women in business. Together we enrich not only others’ lives but our own life as well and in turn we become mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially RICH… #Collaborich,” she added.

A co-op of business coaches and mentors called Success Society produces the conference.

The Society  came together to help female entrepreneurs overcome fear, anxiety and self-doubt, while creating unshakable confidence, solid strategies for success and helping them grow their empire.


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early adopter jenebaspeaks.com

The Case for Being An Early Adopter in New Social Media Platforms

Growing a social media platform and elevating your personal brand can be done by quickly joining new social media platforms as an early adopter and this is the reason why

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5 Things to Do to Unleash Innovation & Improve Work Culture

When you invest in people you also must invest in systems and ways to make sure they can think freely

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9 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Areas

If you are going to make money off of your blog and look to affiliate marketing to get it done, these are the top niche areas to consider.

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REVIEW: The BEST Budget Desktop Printer for Small Businesses, HP OfficeJet Pro

If you’re a small business owner looking for a great multi-use printer, scan, copier, fax for your home office or small shop, this HP desktop printer is for you!

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