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DEAL: Jeff Johnson’s $497 Google Analytics Course for $47


Master the art of Google Analytics in just 30 days and become certified There are two types of entrepreneurs: Those who sit around brainstorming who their customers are while sipping frothy macchiatos ​ Those who spend time actually finding out who their customers are by doing the real work There’s no question that Google Analytics can give you the […]

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About Apple, Fenty Beauty and Authentic Consistent Branding (10Min Podcast)

About Apple, Fenty Beauty and Authentic Consistent Branding.

An analyst recently hypothesized on CNBC that Apple X and its $1,000 price tag means it is just for the rich. “The $999 price tag of Apple’s iPhone X represents a “substantial increase that seems justifiable only for relatively rich people who care deeply about the appearance of their phone,”  KeyBanc analyst Andy Hargreaves wrote in […]

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Micro v. Macro Influencers: Who Give You More Bang for Your Buck


In influencer marketing, there are conflicting reports and responses to whether macro-influencers, those with 100,000 followers or more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or 250,000 subscribers on YouTube) or micro-influencers (with 1,000 to 100,000) perform better for brand campaigns. MediaKix conducted a study and analyzed 742 sponsored posts from 16 top brands that work with […]

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ESSAY: The Leadership Lessons I Learned When I Literally Lost My Voice

deb gabor

By Deb Gabor As a brand strategist, author, and public speaker, I rely upon my voice and storytelling ability to make a living. I’ve observed that my interpersonal communication style is less 1:1 and more “broadcast” in nature. I get in a room full of people, position myself directly in the center, and hold court. […]

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What Happened When I Set Up My Printful eCommerce Shop

I got contacted by the folks at Printful with an invitation to set up a shop and sell products. I took them up on the offer even though I had tried to launch a product sales using older online eCommerce platforms like Cafe Press and Zazzle with modest success. Like those other companies, with Printful, users create […]

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Why You Really Need to Get Out From Behind Your Desk This Week! (10 Min Podcast)


  It’s quite easy to get caught up in the daily grind of building your business as a solo preneur or a lean start up. You’re doing the marketing, the biz dev, the sales, the building and that leaves little time to get up from your laptop or computer and interface with other human beings. […]

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Does Your Website Take Ages to Load? Here’s Why?


Whatever the reason for a slow loading web page, the consequences are always the same. The user experience is immediately tainted, and a vast majority of visitors will make a mental note to avoid this site in the future, which effectively closes the door. Not only that, Google announced as far back as 2010 that […]

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