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5 Ways to Transform Poor Leadership and Make it Better


By Steven L. Blue Years ago, during a particularly hot and humid summer, I was concerned about people in the factory.  So I told the factory supervisor to see to it that plenty of bottled water was on hand. That seemed to be working well…until someone told me their water “privileges” had been suspended. Now […]

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Because Millennials Have Different Career Priorities, These 7 Pieces of Advice Are Helpful


Millions of millennials, those born since 1980, have different priorities in work than prior generations. According to Gallup, nearly 60 percent of millennials find work-life balance to be crucial, and they believe it’s important to have a job that promotes their well being. “As millennials, we want to make a difference in the world and […]

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MLK Day Proclamation – The Last One?


Ever since President Ronald Reagan‘s administration, the United States has recognized Civil Rights icon and leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday on the third Monday of January. Each year, whoever is the sitting president issues a declaration for that particular year that includes a message about King, his legacy and how he wishes the […]

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Your Source for Diverse Stock Photography and 100+ Free Stock Photography Websites


Tonight, I share a snippet of blogger Constance Lynn Hummel’s The Business of Helping blog post summarizing inclusive and diverse stock photography sites. Here is a snippet of why she curated this list: A simple way to make a difference and take a stand for equality is through respectful and accurate representation online. If you choose […]

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Master Pinterest for Sales and Traffic This Year with These Tools and Plan


A lot of my fellow content creators who realize they get most of their traffic from the social sharing platform, Pinterest, are finally starting to take it more seriously and dedicate more of their lives to learning the platform and growing their followers. I am too. I started last year to shift priorities to it […]

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NOW AVAILABLE: Over $400 Value in Online Biz Training Templates Starting at $29


Back by popular demand! I’ve gotten a few requests from people who were not able to enroll in my Pivot Training course  for transitioning professionals looking to start a career in the online world while it was open but shared that they were really interested in getting access to the bonus materials. They also requested […]

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Female Founder Promising to Bring Women of Color True Nude Undergarments Meets $20K Kickstarter Goal


I love seeing when diverse people take advantage of crowdsource funding platforms and meet their fundraising goals. Here is one such success case which wins because it meets a need. In July 2015, Brooklyn native Danai Pointer launched a company aiming to bring genuine and authentic nude color undergarments to all women. The fact remains […]

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